Do you ever wonder what kind of toys horses like to play with? Horses, like humans, enjoy engaging in playtime activities. However, their preferences for toys may differ from ours. In this article, we will explore some of the intriguing objects that horses find entertaining and how these toys can enhance their well-being and mental stimulation. So, let’s delve into the world of equine play and discover what truly captivates these majestic creatures. Horses, like any other animal, enjoy engaging in playtime and having toys to keep them entertained. In this comprehensive article, we will explore various types of toys for horses, discuss important safety considerations, and delve into different categories of horse toys. Whether you have a playful pony or a spirited stallion, there is sure to be a toy that will capture their attention and provide hours of enjoyment.

Types of Horse Toys

When it comes to horse toys, there are several different options to choose from. Each type of toy offers unique features and benefits, catering to different play styles and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of horse toys available:

Plastic/Cotton Toys

Plastic and cotton toys are popular choices among horse owners. These toys are often lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for outdoor play. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring different textures that can engage your horse’s senses during playtime.

Leather Toys

Leather toys provide horses with a durable and natural material to interact with. The soft texture of leather can be appealing to horses, and these toys are often designed with added features such as bells or ropes to enhance the play experience.

Rubber Toys

Rubber toys are another great option for horses, as they are sturdy and long-lasting. These toys are often designed with ridges or bumps that can provide oral stimulation for horses who enjoy chewing. Rubber toys also have some bounce to them, making them perfect for interactive play.

Wooden Toys

For those seeking a more traditional approach to horse toys, wooden toys are a fantastic choice. These toys are sturdy and can withstand rough play. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some even have built-in treats or compartments to provide mental stimulation.

Natural Fiber Toys

Natural fiber toys, such as hay nets or rope toys, offer horses an opportunity to engage in natural behaviors while playing. These toys can encourage grazing or chewing, providing a sense of satisfaction and mental stimulation for your horse.

Safety Considerations

Before introducing any toy to your horse, it is essential to consider the safety aspects. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting toys for your equine friend:


Horse toys should be made from durable materials that can withstand the strength and power of a horse’s play. Ensure that the toy you choose is well-constructed and can hold up to rough handling without breaking or splintering.

Non-toxic Materials

Toys should be made from non-toxic materials to prevent any harm to your horse. Check the labels and ensure that the toy is specifically designed for horses and does not contain any harmful substances.

Size and Weight

Consider the size and weight of the toy in relation to your horse. Avoid toys that are too small, as they can pose a choking hazard, and opt for toys that are appropriately sized for your horse’s mouth and body.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Inspect the toy and make sure it does not have any sharp edges that could potentially cause injuries to your horse. Smooth edges and corners are essential for safe play.

Avoid Loose Parts

Toys should not have any loose or easily detachable parts. Horses can get caught or entangled in these parts, resulting in potential accidents or injuries. Opt for toys that are securely constructed and do not have any small or fragile components.

Keep Toys Clean

Regularly clean and inspect your horse’s toys to ensure that they are free from dirt, debris, or any signs of damage. Keeping the toys clean will help maintain their integrity and allow for safe and hygienic play.

What Do Horses Like To Play With?

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Interactive Toys

Interactive toys offer horses mental and physical stimulation while encouraging problem-solving and engagement. These toys can provide hours of entertainment for horses of all ages and sizes. Let’s explore some popular types of interactive toys for horses:

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are designed to hold horse treats and challenge your horse to figure out how to access the treats. These toys often have adjustable openings or compartments that make it more challenging for your horse to retrieve the treats, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated for longer periods.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys for horses are similar to treat dispensing toys but with an added element of complexity. They require your horse to solve a puzzle or complete a specific task to access the treat or reward. These toys can aid in developing problem-solving skills and provide a fun challenge for your horse to enjoy.

Obstacle Courses

Creating an obstacle course with various toys and objects can be a fantastic way to engage your horse mentally and physically. Set up cones, poles, and obstacles for your horse to navigate, promoting coordination and agility.

Trail Toys

Trail toys are designed to mimic objects or situations that horses may encounter while trail riding. These toys can include things like bridges, water crossings, or simulated wildlife. Introducing trail toys to your horse’s playtime can help familiarize them with potential trail challenges and build their confidence.

Mirrors and Reflective Toys

Mirrors and reflective toys can provide visual stimulation and entertainment for horses. They allow horses to see themselves and interact with their reflection, sparking curiosity and intrigue. Mirrors and reflective toys can be particularly beneficial for horses that spend extended periods alone.

Chew Toys

Horses are natural chewers, and providing them with appropriate chew toys can help satisfy this instinct while keeping them entertained. Here are some popular chew toy options for horses:

Apple Flavored Toys

Apple flavored toys can be a tasty and enticing option for horses who enjoy the sweet taste of apples. The scent and flavor can make these toys highly appealing, encouraging horses to chew on them and engage in play.

Carrot Flavored Toys

Similar to apple flavored toys, carrot flavored toys offer a delicious and healthy option for horses to chew on. Carrots are a favorite treat among many horses, and these toys can provide a safe and long-lasting alternative.

Peppermint Flavored Toys

Peppermint flavored toys combine the refreshing scent and taste of peppermint with durable materials. Horses are often drawn to the strong aroma of peppermint, making these toys a popular choice for horses who enjoy a little extra flavor during playtime.

Rubber Chew Toys

Rubber chew toys are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of heavy chewing. These toys can help horses relieve stress and boredom, as well as promote healthy teeth and gums. Choose rubber chew toys that are free from harmful chemicals and easy to clean.

What Do Horses Like To Play With?

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Play Balls

Play balls are a classic toy choice for horses and offer a wide range of options for interactive play. These toys can provide physical exercise, mental stimulation, and fun for your horse. Let’s explore some types of play balls that horses enjoy:

Large Play Balls

Large play balls, often made of durable rubber, are perfect for horses to push, herd, and even kick around. These balls can keep horses entertained for hours, helping them expend energy and engage in playful behavior.

Inflatable Play Balls

Inflatable play balls are a lighter alternative to traditional rubber balls. These balls can be easily kicked or nudged by horses, offering an entertaining and interactive experience. Ensure that the inflatable ball is securely inflated and not overly firm to prevent accidents or injuries.

Soccer/Beach Balls

Soccer or beach balls are a popular choice for horses, as they are lightweight and easy to move around. Horses can play a game of “soccer” by pushing the ball with their noses or hooves, providing physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Bouncing/Rolling Balls

For horses who enjoy a challenge, bouncing or rolling balls can be an excellent choice. These balls often have irregular shapes or features that cause unpredictable movements when pushed or rolled. This unpredictability can make playtime more exciting and engaging for horses.

Jolly Balls

Jolly balls are durable and versatile toys that horses adore. They come in various designs and are specifically engineered to withstand rough play and vigorous chewing. Let’s explore some popular types of jolly balls for horses:

Hanging Jolly Balls

Hanging jolly balls are designed to be suspended from fences or stable walls, allowing horses to bat, nudge, and interact with them. These hanging toys can provide entertainment for horses who enjoy engaging in play from different angles.

Rolling Jolly Balls

Rolling jolly balls are perfect for horses who love to chase and kick objects. These balls have a weighted bottom that keeps them rolling, encouraging horses to engage in play and physical activity. Rolling jolly balls are a great choice for outdoor playtime or in large arenas.

Unbreakable Jolly Balls

For horses who are particularly rough with their toys, unbreakable jolly balls are the ultimate durability solution. These jolly balls are engineered to withstand even the most enthusiastic play, ensuring that your horse’s toy remains intact for longer periods.

What Do Horses Like To Play With?

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Tug Toys

Tug toys for horses offer a great way to interact with your horse and foster a playful bond. These toys often involve some level of tug-of-war, providing physical exercise and mental stimulation. Here are some popular types of tug toys for horses:

Tug Ropes

Tug ropes are simple yet effective toys that allow you and your horse to engage in a friendly tug-of-war game. These ropes are designed to withstand the pulling strength of a horse, providing hours of interactive playtime.

Bungee Tug Toys

Bungee tug toys consist of a stretchable cord or strap, offering flexibility and resistance during play. The bungee element adds an extra level of excitement and challenges your horse’s strength and coordination.

Tug and Toss Toys

Tug and toss toys are versatile toys that can serve both as a tug toy and a throwing toy. These toys often have handles or loops that allow for easy gripping and tossing. Your horse can enjoy a game of tug-of-war or engage in a playful chasing game with these versatile toys.

Horse Treat Balls

Horse treat balls combine the enjoyment of playtime with the reward of tasty treats. These toys can help keep horses mentally stimulated while also providing a delicious incentive. Let’s explore some popular types of horse treat balls:

Fillable Treat Balls

Fillable treat balls have compartments or openings that can be filled with your horse’s favorite treats. When rolled or playfully moved, these toys dispense the treats, keeping your horse entertained and motivated.

Treat Dispensing Balls

Similar to fillable treat balls, treat dispensing balls are designed to hold treats inside. These balls, however, require more interaction and problem-solving skills from your horse to access the treats. Treat dispensing balls provide a more challenging and engaging play experience.

Puzzle Treat Balls

Puzzle treat balls take interactive play to the next level by combining treat-dispensing features with various puzzles or obstacles. These toys can help develop your horse’s problem-solving abilities and provide hours of entertainment.

What Do Horses Like To Play With?

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Unconventional Horse Toys

While traditional horse toys are popular and widely available, there are also unconventional toys that horses enjoy playing with. These toys can provide unique sensory experiences and add variety to your horse’s playtime. Let’s explore some unconventional horse toys:

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones can be an excellent option for horses who enjoy knocking or pushing objects. These brightly colored cones are lightweight and easy to move around, providing physical exercise and encouraging horses to engage in playful behavior.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles, such as empty water or soda bottles, can be filled with treats or small objects to create an engaging toy for your horse. Horses can enjoy rolling, tossing, or even chasing these bottles, adding an element of excitement to their playtime.

Giant Exercise Balls

Giant exercise balls, often used in human fitness routines, can also provide entertainment for horses. These oversized inflatable balls can be pushed, rolled, or even used as a gentle obstacle for horses to maneuver around.

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a fun and affordable option for horses who enjoy tactile play. These colorful foam tubes can be suspended or attached to fences or poles, allowing horses to interact with them and experience different textures during playtime.

Tarps and Flags

Tarps and flags can be used to create engaging sensory experiences for horses. You can drape a tarp over a pole or hang flags from trees to create visual movement and stimulate your horse’s senses. These unconventional toys can help desensitize horses to new and potentially challenging stimuli.

In conclusion, toys for horses offer a wide range of options and benefits to enhance their playtime experience. By selecting the right toys and considering important safety factors, you can provide your horse with hours of entertainment, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. From interactive toys to chew toys, play balls, jolly balls, tug toys, horse treat balls, and even unconventional toys, there is a vast array of options to cater to your horse’s preferences and play style. So go ahead, spoil your equine companion with some stimulating toys, and enjoy the joy and bonding that playtime can bring.