At Perry Quarter Horses in western Kansas, we have been proudly breeding, raising, and training our own trained cow horses for almost 35 years. Not only do we focus on the arena, but our horses also play a crucial role in our family’s fourth-generation calf operation out on the ranch. It’s essential for our performance horses to have a balanced and reliable diet, which is why we started feeding them BUCKEYE™ Nutrition in March of 2017. After yet another recall of a big national brand, we found so much to like about BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. It doesn’t make our horses hot, provides them with a steady release of energy, and contains a good mix of fiber, protein, and fat without any corn or molasses. We always strive to keep the starch and sugar content in our horse’s diet as low as possible, and the results we’ve seen with BUCKEYE™ Nutrition’s Safe and Easy Performance have been nothing but excellent.

Understanding Perry Quarter Horses

History of Perry Quarter Horses

Perry Quarter Horses is a well-established ranch located in western Kansas. With almost 35 years of experience, they specialize in breeding, raising, and training their own line of reined cow horses. The ranch also operates a fourth-generation calf operation, where the horses are utilized not only in the arena but also out on the ranch. Perry Quarter Horses has built a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted name in the equine industry.

Brief on their Cattle Operations

In addition to their involvement in the equine industry, Perry Quarter Horses also runs a successful cattle operation. This operation, which has been in the family for four generations, showcases the versatility of their horses. The horses work both in the arena and on the ranch, assisting with various tasks related to cattle handling. This dual-purpose approach ensures that the horses are well-rounded and capable of excelling in multiple disciplines.

Training Methods for Quarter Horses

Perry Quarter Horses takes great pride in their training methods for quarter horses. Their approach focuses on developing a strong foundation in the horses, emphasizing communication and partnership. Through consistent and patient training techniques, they are able to produce horses that are responsive, willing, and versatile. The training methods employed by Perry Quarter Horses have proven to be successful, as evidenced by their horses’ performance in various competitions and ranch work.

Introduction to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

Brand Overview

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition is a renowned brand in the equine nutrition industry. With a commitment to providing high-quality feeds and supplements, BUCKEYE™ has become a trusted name among horse owners and trainers. Their products are carefully formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of horses, ensuring optimal health, performance, and overall well-being.

Nutritional Philosophy of BUCKEYE

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition follows a holistic approach to equine nutrition. They believe in providing a balanced diet that supports the nutritional requirements of horses at all stages of life. BUCKEYE™ emphasizes the utilization of premium ingredients and incorporates the latest scientific research when formulating their feeds. Their goal is to enhance equine performance, longevity, and overall health through proper nutrition.

Recognition and Importance in Equine Nutrition

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has gained widespread recognition and importance in the field of equine nutrition. Their commitment to producing superior feeds has earned them the trust of horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians worldwide. Many top riders and trainers rely on BUCKEYE™ products to support the nutritional needs of their horses, highlighting the brand’s impact on equine performance and well-being.

Perry Quarter Horses’ transition to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

Incident that triggered the Change

In March of 2017, Perry Quarter Horses made the decision to transition to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition after a recall of a major national brand. This incident served as a wake-up call for the ranch, prompting them to reevaluate the feed they were providing their horses. The safety and quality of the feed became a top priority for Perry Quarter Horses, leading them to explore alternative options such as BUCKEYE™ Nutrition.

Reasons for the Switch

There were several compelling reasons for Perry Quarter Horses to switch to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. Firstly, they were impressed by the ingredients used in BUCKEYE™ feeds, which included a high fiber content and a good balance of protein and fat. Secondly, they appreciated the fact that BUCKEYE™ feeds did not contain corn or molasses, which helped keep the starch and sugar content in their horses’ diet low. Lastly, Perry Quarter Horses noticed that the BUCKEYE™ feeds provided a steady release of energy to their performance horses without making them hot, resulting in consistent performance and overall contentment.

Analyzing BUCKEYE’s Safe and Easy Performance Feed

Composition of the Feed

BUCKEYE’s Safe and Easy Performance Feed is carefully formulated to provide horses with the nutrients they need for optimal performance. This feed contains a balanced blend of high-quality fiber, protein, and fat, derived from premium ingredients. The composition of the feed ensures that horses receive all essential nutrients while maintaining a safe and manageable energy level.

Release of Energy Mechanisms

One of the key benefits of BUCKEYE’s Safe and Easy Performance Feed is its ability to provide a steady release of energy to horses. This helps prevent energy spikes and decreases the risk of horses becoming “hot” or uncontrollable. The feed achieves this through the use of specific ingredients and a balanced formulation that allows for efficient utilization of nutrients.

Significance of High Fiber, Protein, and Fat Content

The high fiber, protein, and fat content of BUCKEYE’s Safe and Easy Performance Feed plays a vital role in supporting the needs of performance horses. Fiber is essential for digestive health and helps regulate the release of energy. Protein is crucial for muscle development and repair, while fat provides a concentrated energy source. The combination of these nutrients in the feed ensures that performance horses receive the necessary fuel to perform at their best.

Reducing Starch and Sugar Content

Typical Starch and Sugar Content in Equine Diets

High starch and sugar content in equine diets can have detrimental effects on horse health and performance. Traditional feeds, which often contain ingredients such as corn and molasses, contribute to increased starch and sugar intake. It is important to carefully manage the starch and sugar content in horses’ diets to avoid potential complications.

Effects of High Starch and Sugar Intake

Excessive starch and sugar intake can lead to various health issues in horses, including metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and laminitis. Additionally, high starch and sugar levels can cause energy imbalances, resulting in erratic behavior and an increased risk of digestive disturbances. Managing the starch and sugar content in a horse’s diet is crucial for maintaining optimal health and performance.

BUCKEYE’s Approach towards Low Starch and Sugar Feed Mix

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition recognizes the importance of maintaining low starch and sugar content in equine diets. The Safe and Easy Performance Feed offered by BUCKEYE™ is specifically formulated to provide the necessary nutrients while minimizing starch and sugar levels. By using alternative ingredients and careful formulation techniques, BUCKEYE™ ensures that their feeds are safe and suitable for horses with specific dietary needs.

Performance Outcomes of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

First-Hand Experiences of Perry Quarter Horses

Since transitioning to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, Perry Quarter Horses has experienced nothing but excellent results in terms of performance. They have observed improved consistency in their horses’ performance, with a steady release of energy and a lack of excessive excitability. The horses have maintained their focus and willingness, allowing for successful participation in various competitions and ranch work.

Quantified Performance Metrics

Perry Quarter Horses has also quantified the performance metrics of their horses after switching to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. They have observed improved times and scores in competitions, indicating enhanced speed, agility, and overall performance. Additionally, the horses have demonstrated improved recovery and stamina, enabling them to perform at their best for prolonged periods.

Horses’ Condition after BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

Changes in Horses’ Behavior

One significant observation Perry Quarter Horses has made after implementing BUCKEYE™ Nutrition is the improvement in their horses’ behavior. The horses have become calmer, more focused, and less prone to mood swings. This stability in behavior translates into a safer and more enjoyable riding and training experience.

Physical Improvements in the Horses

Perry Quarter Horses has also noted several physical improvements in their horses after the transition to BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. The horses have developed better muscling and overall body condition, indicating improved nutrient utilization and enhanced muscle development. Their coats have become shinier and healthier, which is often an external manifestation of good internal health.

Use of Nutrition in Various Scenarios

Adopting BUCKEYE™ Nutrition in the Arena

Perry Quarter Horses has successfully incorporated BUCKEYE™ Nutrition into their competitive arena activities. The Safe and Easy Performance Feed has proven to be a reliable source of energy, allowing the horses to perform at their maximum potential. Perry Quarter Horses has observed improved performance consistency and enhanced athletic ability, providing them with a competitive edge in the arena.

Application of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition on the Ranch

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has also played a crucial role in the ranch work conducted by Perry Quarter Horses. The high-quality nutrition provided by BUCKEYE™ feeds ensures that the horses have the energy, strength, and endurance required for tasks such as herding cattle, roping, and working in challenging terrain. The ranch work has become more efficient and productive, thanks to the performance-enhancing qualities of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition.

Trust in BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

Reasons Behind Perry Quarter Horses’ Trust in BUCKEYE

Perry Quarter Horses places their trust in BUCKEYE™ Nutrition for several reasons. Firstly, the brand’s commitment to producing safe and high-quality feeds aligns with the ranch’s core values and priorities. Secondly, Perry Quarter Horses has witnessed the positive results of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition firsthand, both in terms of performance outcomes and overall horse health. Lastly, the longstanding relationship between Perry Quarter Horses and BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has solidified their trust and confidence in the brand.

Longevity of Partnership between Perry Quarter Horses and BUCKEYE™ Nutrition

The partnership between Perry Quarter Horses and BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has stood the test of time. The long-standing relationship between the two entities can be attributed to the consistent quality of BUCKEYE™ feeds and their dedication to meeting the specific needs of Perry Quarter Horses’ horses. This enduring partnership is a testament to the mutual respect, trust, and shared commitment to equine excellence.


BUCKEYE™ Nutrition has had a significant impact on the performance and overall well-being of Perry Quarter Horses’ horses. The transition to BUCKEYE™ feeds has resulted in improved performance consistency, enhanced physical condition, and positive changes in behavior. The success experienced by Perry Quarter Horses serves as a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. This success story has implications for the wider equine community, highlighting the importance of proper nutrition in optimizing equine health, performance, and longevity. The trust placed by Perry Quarter Horses in BUCKEYE™ Nutrition underscores the brand’s reputation and its commitment to providing exceptional equine feeds. by using the BUCKEYE™ Nutrition feeds, horse owners can ensure that their horses receive top-quality nutrition tailored to their specific needs, resulting in superior performance and overall well-being.