In the world of top eventers, one brand stands out for its exceptional quality and expertise: KER Sport Horse Nutrition. Led by the renowned Kentucky Equine Research, this video showcases the experiences of Liz Holiday Sharp, an international event writer from the USA. She expresses her unwavering confidence in the full range of KER supplements and feed to provide the very best nutrition for her horses. Whether training in Florida or participating in world-class competitions, Liz trusts KER to deliver the perfect blend of ingredients formulated by their dedicated researchers. With a focus on performance, KER ensures that their products offer the best results for these extraordinary athletes. They are the authority when it comes to feeding high-performance sport horses—a reputation that Liz and other top eventers rely on for their horses’ success.

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Understanding KER Sport Horse Nutrition

What is KER Sport Horse Nutrition?

KER Sport Horse Nutrition is a range of supplements and feed specifically designed for sport horses. Created by the experts at Kentucky Equine Research (KER), this nutrition line aims to provide optimal nutrition and support for the unique needs of performance horses.

How KER Nutrition Benefits Horses

KER Nutrition offers numerous benefits to horses engaged in sport activities. The carefully formulated feed and supplements help to enhance performance, improve overall health and well-being, support muscle development, promote optimal digestion, and provide essential nutrients for energy and recovery.

Difference of KER Nutrition from other horse feed brands

What sets KER Nutrition apart from other horse feed brands is its extensive research and commitment to scientific innovation. KER has a team of dedicated researchers who work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge formulations that are tailored to the specific needs of sport horses. This focus on science and evidence-based nutrition sets KER apart from competitors and allows them to provide superior products for equine athletes.

Top Eventers Who Use KER

List of top eventers who use KER

Some of the top eventers who rely on KER Sport Horse Nutrition include Liz Halliday-Sharp, an international event rider from the USA. Liz and her team use the full range of KER supplements and feed to ensure their horses receive the best nutrition possible.

Reasons why these eventers prefer KER

Eventers like Liz Halliday-Sharp choose KER Sport Horse Nutrition because they trust the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. These top riders understand the importance of providing their horses with the best possible nutrition to support their training, performance, and overall well-being.

Success stories of eventers using KER

There have been numerous success stories of eventers achieving outstanding results with the help of KER Sport Horse Nutrition. These stories highlight the positive impact that proper nutrition can have on a horse’s performance and overall health. From improved energy levels to faster recovery times, the success stories of eventers using KER serve as a testament to the effectiveness of their products.

The Science Behind KER Sport Horse Nutrition

The research process of KER Sport Horse Nutrition

KER’s research process involves a thorough examination of the specific nutritional needs of sport horses. The team conducts extensive research studies, analyzing the unique physiological demands of these athletes. This research helps to identify the optimal balance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and supplements required to support the performance and well-being of sport horses.

How KER ensures the quality of their product

Quality control is of utmost importance to KER. They follow stringent quality assurance protocols, including testing raw materials for purity, conducting comprehensive analyses of finished products, and adhering to the highest industry standards. KER also invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and employs a team of experts to ensure that every product meets their rigorous quality standards.

Unique features of KER Nutrition

One of the unique features of KER Nutrition is its focus on personalized nutrition. Each horse has its own individual needs and requirements, and KER understands this. They offer customized feeding programs and tailored supplements to address specific deficiencies and optimize each horse’s performance potential. This individualized approach sets KER apart from generic horse feed brands.

The Importance of Nutrition in Eventing Horses

Why nutrition matters in eventing

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the performance and overall well-being of eventing horses. These high-intensity athletes require a balanced diet that provides sufficient energy, supports their muscles and joints, and promotes optimal recovery. Without adequate nutrition, eventing horses may suffer from fatigue, poor performance, and increased risk of injury.

The role of diet in a horse’s performance

A horse’s diet directly impacts its athletic performance. A well-balanced diet provides the necessary fuel for energy, helps maintain optimal weight, supports muscle strength and development, and ensures the horse has the stamina and endurance required for eventing. Additionally, proper nutrition aids in the recovery process, enabling horses to bounce back quickly and perform at their best.

Nutritional requirements of eventing horses

Eventing horses have unique nutritional requirements due to the physical demands placed on them during competitions. They require a diet that is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, eventing horses may benefit from targeted supplements that support joint health, muscle recovery, and overall performance.

How KER Sport Horse Nutrition Enhances Performance

KER Supplements benefits for horse performance

KER supplements are specifically formulated to enhance horse performance in various ways. For example, their muscle support supplements help to improve muscle development and increase strength. Their joint supplements promote joint health and mobility, reducing the risk of injuries. KER also offers supplements to support digestion, energy production, and overall well-being, all of which contribute to improved performance.

How long before performance improvements are noticeable

The time it takes to see noticeable performance improvements can vary depending on several factors, including the horse’s current fitness level, training program, and overall health. However, many riders have reported seeing positive changes in their horses’ performance within a few weeks of using KER Sport Horse Nutrition. Consistent use of the products, combined with proper training and management, can help accelerate the performance improvements.

Testimonials of improved equine performance after using KER

There are numerous testimonials from riders and trainers who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their horses’ performance after incorporating KER Sport Horse Nutrition into their feeding programs. These testimonials highlight faster recovery times, increased energy levels, enhanced muscle development, improved coat condition, and overall better performance in competitions.

Cost and Availability of KER Sport Horse Nutrition

Where to buy KER Sport Horse Nutrition

KER Sport Horse Nutrition products can be purchased from authorized retailers, tack shops, and online stores. The official KER website provides a list of authorized retailers to help customers find the nearest location to purchase their products.

Price comparison between KER and other horse feeds

The cost of KER Sport Horse Nutrition products may vary depending on the specific product and the retailer. While KER products may be priced slightly higher than some generic horse feed brands, they offer superior nutritional value and quality. When considering the performance-enhancing benefits and overall health advantages that KER provides, many riders find the price well worth the investment.

Affordability and convenience of KER

Although KER Sport Horse Nutrition may have a slightly higher price point, it offers exceptional value for the benefits it provides. Investing in superior nutrition for your performance horse can lead to improved performance, reduced vet bills, and a healthier, happier horse in the long run. Additionally, the convenience of purchasing KER products from various retailers and online platforms makes it easily accessible to horse owners worldwide.

Feeding Horses with KER Sport Horse Nutrition

How to rightly use KER Nutrition

When feeding horses with KER Sport Horse Nutrition, it is important to follow the recommended guidelines provided by the brand. Each product comes with specific instructions on feeding quantity, frequency, and usage. It is also advisable to consult with Equine Nutritionists or veterinarians to ensure a horse’s individual dietary needs are addressed.

Quantity and frequency of feeding KER

The quantity and frequency of feeding KER products vary depending on the specific nutritional requirements of each horse. KER provides detailed guidelines on the packaging of their products to help owners determine the appropriate quantity and frequency of feeding.

Precautions to take while feeding KER

While KER Sport Horse Nutrition is designed to meet the needs of performance horses, it is important to ensure that horses are not overfed or underfed. Following the recommended feeding guidelines, monitoring horses for any possible sensitivities or reactions, and seeking professional advice when introducing new supplements or making dietary changes are crucial to ensure the health and well-being of horses.

KER and Kentucky Equine Research

The role of Kentucky Equine Research in developing KER

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) plays a vital role in the development of KER Sport Horse Nutrition. KER specializes in research and development of equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Their team of experts, including nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists, collaborates closely to create innovative products that meet the unique needs of performance horses.

Partnership between KER and Kentucky Equine Research

KER is the exclusive nutrition and feed research partner of Kentucky Equine Research. This partnership allows for a seamless integration of cutting-edge research findings into the development of KER Sport Horse Nutrition. By leveraging the expertise of both organizations, KER can deliver science-backed, high-quality products to the equine industry.

Contribution of Kentucky Equine Research to the equine industry

Kentucky Equine Research has made significant contributions to the equine industry through its ongoing research and development efforts. Their discoveries and innovations in equine nutrition have shaped the way horses are fed and cared for, ultimately improving their health and performance. The equine industry as a whole has greatly benefited from the expertise and commitment of Kentucky Equine Research.

Common Questions about KER Sport Horse Nutrition

Most frequently asked questions about KER

  1. Are KER Sport Horse Nutrition products suitable for all breeds and ages of horses?
  2. Can KER supplements be used in conjunction with other feeds or supplements?
  3. How long does it take to see the effects of KER Sport Horse Nutrition on a horse’s performance?

Answers to common queries about KER

  1. Yes, KER Sport Horse Nutrition products are formulated to meet the needs of horses of all breeds and ages. However, it is advisable to consult with equine professionals to determine the specific nutritional requirements of individual horses.
  2. KER supplements can be used alongside other feeds and supplements. However, it is essential to consult with a nutritionist or veterinarian to ensure optimal balance and avoid any potential interactions or imbalances.
  3. The time it takes to see the effects of KER Sport Horse Nutrition may vary depending on various factors, such as the horse’s current condition, training regime, and overall health. However, many riders report seeing positive changes within a few weeks of incorporating KER products into their horse’s diet.

Where to find more information about KER

For more information about KER Sport Horse Nutrition, interested individuals can visit the official Kentucky Equine Research website. The website provides detailed product descriptions, feeding guidelines, and additional resources to help horse owners make informed decisions about their horse’s nutrition.


In conclusion, KER Sport Horse Nutrition is a trusted brand that offers superior nutrition and support for performance horses. With their focus on scientific research, commitment to quality, and personalized feeding programs, KER has become the go-to choice for many top eventers worldwide. The success stories and testimonials from riders who have witnessed the positive impact of KER on their horses’ performance and well-being further affirm the brand’s effectiveness. By prioritizing proper nutrition in eventing horses and choosing KER Sport Horse Nutrition, horse owners can help their equine athletes achieve their full potential. The partnership between KER and Kentucky Equine Research, along with their dedication to advancing equine nutrition, continues to contribute significantly to the equine industry. It is encouraging to see more people explore KER Sport Horse Nutrition and experience its benefits firsthand.