Welcome back to John Madden Sales! In today’s Madden Method video, we will be going over our feeding program and process. Let’s start with a tour of the feed room. To ensure the safety of our horses, we have a door that is closed every night, preventing any loose horses from entering. The green bin in the feed room is lined with fiberglass, keeping it rodent-proof. Our grain bins are also made of aluminum and designed to be rodent-proof. Each horse has a black bucket for their grain, and we feed them three times a day with smaller portions spread out. We also provide supplements, which are stored on the shelf or counter. We give electrolytes to horses in work and a joint supplement in the grain via a syringe. We use a sheet to track each horse’s feeding schedule and medications, ensuring accuracy and ease of access during competitions. The clean feed room is crucial for sanitation and rodent control. At John Madden Sales, we use Cavillor green in our feeding program. This grain is accessible wherever we compete and does not require us to carry large amounts during travel, as it is formulated to be easily switched for horses with different needs. We primarily use three different grains for our show horses: go mix, minimals, and fiber force, supplemented depending on their temperament. Cavillor’s unique process puffs up the grains, increasing their digestibility and allowing our horses to absorb more nutrients. This means we can feed them about 30% less of the grain because of its high digestibility. So there you have it, our Madden Method’s feeding program and process here at John Madden Sales. Let’s ensure that our horses are well-fed and happy!

The Madden Methods Feeding Program and Process

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The Madden Method’s Secure Feed Room

The integrity of feed room doors

When it comes to the horses’ diet, one of the first things to prioritize is the security of the feed room. This is the place where all the valuable feed and supplements are stored, so it’s crucial to ensure that the doors are sturdy and well-maintained. The Madden Method’s secure feed room emphasizes the importance of keeping the doors in good condition, with strong locks to prevent any unwanted access from rodents, pests, or even other curious horses. By ensuring the integrity of the feed room doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your horses’ food is kept safe and untouched.

The construction of feed bins

In addition to the security of the feed room, the construction of feed bins is also a vital aspect to consider. The Madden Method pays close attention to detail when it comes to the design and construction of feed bins. These bins are specifically designed to store the horses’ feed in a clean and organized manner, preventing cross-contamination and spoilage. With durable materials and proper ventilation, the feed bins in the Madden Method’s feed room provide the ideal environment for preserving the quality and freshness of the feed.

The importance of keeping the feed room clean and rodent-proof

A clean and rodent-proof feed room is crucial for maintaining the horses’ health and well-being. The Madden Method stresses the importance of regular cleaning and sanitation of the feed room to avoid any contamination or infestation. By keeping the feed room clean and free from rodents, you can ensure that your horses are eating fresh, uncontaminated feed, reducing the risk of health issues. Regular inspections, proper storage techniques, and effective pest control measures are essential to maintain a clean and rodent-proof feed room, ensuring the horses’ nutrition and overall health.

The Feeding Schedule: Structuring the Horses’ Diet

Frequency of grain feedings

When it comes to the horses’ feeding schedule, the Madden Method follows a carefully structured plan. One crucial aspect is determining the frequency of grain feedings. The horses’ diet is divided into multiple smaller meals throughout the day to promote better digestion and nutrient absorption. By feeding smaller portions of grain more frequently, the Madden Method ensures a consistent supply of energy for the horses while minimizing the risk of digestive issues. This feeding approach helps to maintain the horses’ metabolic balance and overall well-being.

Specifics of the horse’s eating schedule

The Madden Method pays close attention to the specifics of each horse’s eating schedule. Every horse is unique and may have different dietary requirements based on their age, breed, size, and activity level. The feeding schedule is customized to meet the individual needs of each horse, ensuring optimal nutrition and overall health. Whether it’s adjusting the portion sizes, meal timings, or incorporating additional snacks, the Madden Method believes in tailoring the feeding schedule to suit the specific needs and preferences of each horse.

Role of tracking sheet in maintaining consistency and monitoring health

To maintain consistency and monitor the horses’ health, the Madden Method employs a tracking sheet. This sheet serves as a valuable tool for recording and analyzing the horses’ eating habits, behavior, and overall well-being. By consistently tracking the horses’ feed intake and observing any changes or abnormalities, you can quickly identify potential health issues or dietary imbalances. The tracking sheet becomes an essential reference point for adjusting the feeding schedule, making informed decisions, and ensuring the horses’ overall health and performance.

Bucket System and Night Checks

Color coding and utility of buckets

The Madden Method utilizes a bucket system to streamline the feeding process and ensure accuracy. Each horse is assigned a specific color-coded bucket, allowing for easy identification and preventing any mix-ups or confusion during feeding time. This system not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of accidental feeding errors. The color-coded buckets are a simple yet effective way to maintain order and organization in the feed room, making the feeding process efficient and hassle-free.

Function of night checks for horses

Night checks play a crucial role in maintaining the horses’ well-being and health. The Madden Method emphasizes the importance of conducting regular night checks to ensure that all the horses are comfortable, safe, and have access to water and feed. During these checks, the horses’ behavior, eating patterns, and overall condition are observed, allowing any potential issues or discomfort to be identified and addressed promptly. Night checks provide reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that the horses are well-cared for even during the night hours.

Location of feed buckets and its relevance

The placement of feed buckets is carefully considered in the Madden Method’s feeding system. Each horse has its designated area where the feed buckets are positioned, ensuring that the horses can easily access their meals without any disruption or competition from other horses. This strategic placement reduces stress and anxiety during feeding time, promoting a calm and relaxed environment for the horses. By respecting each horse’s personal space and allowing them to eat undisturbed, the Madden Method ensures that every horse receives their full and undivided attention during mealtime.

Supplementing the Horses’ Diet

Storage and types of supplements

In addition to a well-balanced diet, the Madden Method understands the importance of supplementing the horses’ nutrition to meet their unique needs. The storage of these supplements is crucial to maintain their efficacy, and the Madden Method emphasizes proper storage techniques to preserve the quality and potency of the supplements. Different types of supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies, may be incorporated into the horses’ diet based on their specific requirements. These supplements aim to enhance the horses’ overall health, support their immune system, and address any nutritional imbalances or deficiencies.

Giving horses electrolytes

Electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining the horses’ hydration and electrolyte balance. The Madden Method recognizes the importance of providing electrolytes to the horses, especially during periods of increased physical activity or hot weather conditions. Electrolyte supplementation helps replace the essential minerals lost through sweat, ensuring that the horses remain hydrated and their body functions optimally. The Madden Method follows expert guidelines and carefully administers electrolytes to meet the horses’ specific needs, keeping them in peak condition and minimizing the risk of dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.

Administering joint supplement and its benefits

Horses are athletes, and their joints endure considerable stress and strain during training and competition. To support joint health and prevent potential issues, the Madden Method incorporates joint supplements into the horses’ diet. These supplements contain essential ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, which promote joint lubrication, reduce inflammation, and support overall joint function. Administering joint supplements can help maintain the horses’ joint health, improve their comfort and mobility, and ultimately enhance their performance and longevity.

The Madden Methods Feeding Program and Process

Understanding the Role of Different Grains

Matching grain type to horse temperament

The Madden Method recognizes that different horses have varying temperaments and energy levels. To provide the best nutrition and support for each horse, the type of grain is carefully matched to their temperament. Some horses may require higher energy grains to fuel their active nature, while others may benefit from grains with lower protein content to promote a calmer demeanor. By understanding each horse’s temperament and selecting the appropriate grain type, the Madden Method ensures that the horses receive the optimal nutrition to complement their individual needs and temperament.

Cavillor fiber force and its dietary advantages

Cavillor fiber force is a specialized grain product that the Madden Method utilizes to provide dietary advantages to the horses. This innovative grain is specifically formulated to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. The high fiber content aids in gastrointestinal health, promotes regular bowel movements, and reduces the risk of colic. Additionally, Cavillor fiber force helps maintain steady energy levels and reduces the risk of sugar spikes in horses, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

The process of Cavillor grain puffing and benefits to digestion

Cavillor grain puffing is a unique process used by the Madden Method to enhance the digestibility of grains. This process involves using heat and pressure to create crispy, puffed grains that are easier for horses to chew and digest. Puffed grains have a higher surface area, allowing for improved nutrient absorption and utilization. By puffing the grains, the Madden Method ensures that the horses can efficiently extract the essential nutrients from their feed, maximizing digestion and minimizing the risk of digestive issues.

Sustenance through Hay

New York grown first cut timothy hay as the main hay source

Hay is a crucial component of a horse’s diet, providing essential fiber, nutrients, and mental stimulation. The Madden Method places great importance on selecting the highest quality hay for the horses, with a preference for New York grown first-cut timothy hay. This particular type of hay is known for its low sugar content, consistent quality, and high fiber content. By sourcing hay locally and choosing the first-cut timothy variety, the Madden Method ensures that the horses receive a nutritious, safe, and palatable hay source capable of meeting their dietary and nutritional needs.

Frequency of hay feedings throughout the day

To maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid any potential gastrointestinal issues, the Madden Method feeds hay to the horses throughout the day. This frequent feeding approach mimics the natural grazing behavior of horses, allowing for a steady supply of fiber and nutrients. Feeding hay multiple times a day ensures that the horses’ digestive system remains active, reducing the risk of colic and promoting a healthy gut environment. By adhering to a regular hay feeding schedule, the Madden Method prioritizes the horses’ digestive health and overall well-being.

Benefits of timothy hay in the horse’s diet

Timothy hay, especially the first-cut variety, provides numerous benefits to the horses’ diet. This type of hay is low in sugar, making it suitable for horses that require a diet with restricted sugar intake, such as those with metabolic conditions. Additionally, timothy hay has a high fiber content, promoting healthy digestion, reducing the risk of digestive issues, and aiding in weight management. The Madden Method recognizes the value of timothy hay and incorporates it into the horses’ diet as a vital source of sustained nutrition, nourishing their bodies and supporting overall health.

The Madden Methods Feeding Program and Process

The Importance of Regular Observation

Monitoring eating habits through the bucket system

Regular observation of the horses’ eating habits is crucial in maintaining their health and well-being. The Madden Method’s bucket system provides a convenient and effective way to monitor the horses’ eating behavior. By observing how much each horse consumes, at what pace, and any changes in appetite, you can quickly identify any alterations or potential health concerns. The bucket system allows for precise tracking of the horses’ feed intake, ensuring that they receive the appropriate portion sizes and allowing for adjustments as needed to maintain their overall nutritional balance.

Observing horse health through its eating behaviors

A horse’s eating behaviors can provide valuable insights into its overall health. The Madden Method encourages horse owners and caretakers to pay close attention to the horses’ eating behaviors, looking for any signs of discomfort, pain, or changes in appetite. Healthy eating behaviors include regular and consistent feeding patterns, enthusiasm during mealtime, and consistent portion consumption. Any abnormalities, such as decreased appetite, sudden weight loss, or excessive chewing, should be promptly addressed and investigated to ensure the horses’ well-being and identify any underlying health issues.

Adjusting feeding schedules based on horse’s behavior

Regular observation of the horses’ behavior during feeding time allows for effective adjustments to their feeding schedules. The Madden Method emphasizes the importance of flexibility in the feeding plan to cater to the horses’ individual needs. By closely monitoring the horses’ behavior and response to the current feeding schedule, you can identify any signs of stress, discomfort, or nutritional imbalances. This information helps in making informed decisions and tailoring the feeding schedule to meet the horses’ evolving needs, ensuring their health, happiness, and optimal performance.

Incorporating Convenience in Feeding during Competitions

Use of Kevlar green for easy access

Feeding horses during competitions requires efficient and convenient methods to ensure that the horses receive the necessary nutrition while minimizing any disruptions or distractions. The Madden Method introduces the use of Kevlar green, a specially designed material for feeding bags that allows for easy access and mess-free feedings. These feeding bags can be easily attached to the horse’s stall or trailer, providing a quick and hassle-free way to deliver the scheduled meals. By incorporating Kevlar green into the feeding routine, the Madden Method ensures that the horses’ feeding remains consistent and convenient, even during the demands of competitions.

Maintaining feeding consistency during competitions

Consistency is key when it comes to the horses’ feeding routine, even during competitions. The Madden Method prioritizes maintaining a consistent feeding schedule, regardless of the external factors or changes in the surrounding environment. By adhering to the established feeding routine and incorporating the necessary adjustments for competition timings, the horses’ dietary needs are met, and any potential disruptions or stress related to feeding are minimized. Consistency in feeding helps to maintain the horses’ overall health, performance, and well-being, allowing them to perform at their best during competitions.

Adapting feeding schedules to competition timings

During competitions, the Madden Method recognizes the need to adjust the horses’ feeding schedules to accommodate the specific timings of events and activities. Whether it’s early morning classes, late-night competitions, or intermittent breaks between events, the feeding schedule is modified to ensure that the horses are adequately nourished and ready to perform. It is essential to maintain a balance between providing sufficient energy and allowing for proper digestion, taking into consideration the horses’ individual needs and the demands of the competition schedule. By adapting the feeding schedules, the Madden Method ensures that the horses are fueled appropriately, enhancing their performance and overall competition readiness.

The Madden Methods Feeding Program and Process

Customizing the Nutrition Profile as per Horse’s Needs

Role of additional grain in the diet

To meet the specific nutritional requirements of each horse, the Madden Method may incorporate additional grain into their diet. The role of additional grain is to provide supplementary energy, protein, and other essential nutrients based on the horse’s work, growth stage, or individual needs. By customizing the nutrition profile through the inclusion of additional grain, the Madden Method ensures that each horse receives the optimal balance of nutrients to support their overall well-being, performance, and specific goals.

Evaluating nutritional needs based on horse’s work and demeanor

To determine the specific nutritional needs of a horse, the Madden Method evaluates various factors, including the horse’s activity level, work intensity, growth stage, and overall demeanor. Horses with higher activity levels or involved in strenuous training require a diet that provides sufficient energy and nutrients to support their physical demands. Similarly, horses with certain temperaments or behavior patterns may benefit from specific nutritional adjustments to help balance their energy levels and support a calm demeanor. By closely evaluating the horse’s individual needs, the Madden Method can formulate a nutrition plan that addresses their specific requirements and optimizes their health and performance.

The Madden Method’s approach to individual diet planning

The Madden Method adopts a personalized approach to diet planning, recognizing that each horse is unique and may require specific nutritional adjustments. By taking into consideration factors such as breed, age, size, workload, and overall health, the Madden Method customizes the horses’ diets to meet their individual needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that each horse receives the right balance of nutrients, feed, supplements, and hydration to support their overall health, well-being, and performance. The Madden Method’s individual diet planning takes into account the ever-changing needs of the horses, allowing for adjustments and refinements as required to maintain optimal nutrition and overall satisfaction.


The feeding system implemented by The Madden Method emphasizes the importance of a secure feed room, customized feeding schedules, proper supplementation, and individualized nutrition planning. By addressing each aspect with careful attention to detail, the Madden Method ensures the horses’ health, well-being, and competition readiness. The combination of a secure feed room, structured feeding schedules, color-coded bucket system, and regular observation allows for optimal nutrition, digestive health, and performance. The Madden Method’s approach to customization and flexibility in diet planning recognizes the uniqueness of each horse, giving them the best chance for success in their respective disciplines. By following the guiding principles of the Madden Method, you can ensure that your horses receive the nutrition they need to reach their full potential, both in the ring and in their overall well-being.

The Madden Methods Feeding Program and Process