We wanted to take a moment to talk about a product that we’ve recently come across that we think you’ll love – the Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail. These treats are not your average horse treats, as they are freshly baked daily by horse enthusiasts who are truly passionate about what they do. One of the biggest benefits of owning these treats is that they are 100% sourced and made in the USA, so you know you’re getting the best quality for your equine friend.

One of the key advantages of the Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail is that it can be used as a pill pocket for medication. If you’ve ever had trouble getting your horse to take their medication, you know how frustrating it can be. With Nickerdoodles, this problem becomes a thing of the past – these treats can easily accommodate the largest pill or lots of smaller pills, making it a breeze to administer medication to your horse. Without these treats, you may find yourself struggling to find an effective and stress-free way to give your horse their necessary medications.

In our review, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail and all of its features and benefits. We’ll explore the soft and easily digestible nature of these treats, as well as the six simple and all-natural ingredients that make them so wholesome. Most importantly, we’ll discuss why we believe your horse truly deserves the best, and how Nickerdoodles can provide a gourmet reward that will make them feel cherished and appreciated. So stay tuned for our in-depth review of the Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail – we think you’ll be just as impressed as we are!

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How Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail Works

Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail is a specially crafted horse treat that is proudly made in the USA by a veteran-owned and family-operated company. These treats are freshly baked daily by horse enthusiasts, ensuring that you are providing your equine friend with treats made just days ago, rather than treats that have been sitting on the shelf for months or years.

One of the standout features of Nickerdoodles is its ability to serve as a pill pocket for administering medications to horses. This is especially useful if you have struggled in the past to get your equine friend to take their medication. Nickerdoodles can accommodate the largest pills or multiple smaller pills, making it easier to ensure your horse receives the necessary medication. These pill pockets have been used and approved by veterinarians, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are using a reliable and trusted product.

Another notable feature of Nickerdoodles is that they are soft and easily digestible. If you have a picky eater or a horse with digestive problems, Nickerdoodles can be a great solution. These treats are designed to be highly palatable, and we have yet to come across a horse who didn’t love them from the first bite. By rewarding your horse with these special treats, you can make them feel cherished and appreciated while also providing them with a treat that won’t upset their stomach.

Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail Uses

  • Pill Pocket: Nickerdoodles can be used as a pill pocket to administer medications to horses easily. Whether your horse requires a large pill or multiple smaller pills, Nickerdoodles can accommodate them all.
  • Training Treat: Nickerdoodles can be used as a training treat to reward your horse for good behavior or to motivate them during training sessions. The delicious taste of Nickerdoodles will make your horse eager to perform and learn.
  • General Treat: Beyond medication and training, Nickerdoodles can be given to your horse as a special treat. Whether it’s for their birthday or simply to show them some extra love, these treats will certainly make your horse feel appreciated.

Product Specifications

To help visualize the product specifications, here is a table:

Feature Specification
Weight 5 pounds
Ingredients Wheat bran, Oats, Molasses, Barley, Corn, Flax seed
Country of Origin United States
Recommended Use By Horses
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.6 inches
Shelf Life Freshly baked daily
Additional Qualities Soft, easily digestible

Who Is Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail For

Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail is specifically designed for horse owners or caretakers who want to provide their equine friends with a delicious and nutritious treat. Whether you have a horse that needs to take medication, a picky eater, or simply want to indulge your horse with a special treat, Nickerdoodles is a great option.

This product is suitable for all horse breeds and ages. It can be used by both professional trainers and casual horse enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons


  • Freshly baked daily by horse enthusiasts.
  • Can be used as a pill pocket for easy medication administration.
  • Soft and easily digestible.
  • Loved by horses from the first bite.
  • Made with six simple and all-natural ingredients.
  • Provides a sense of appreciation and reward for your horse.


  • Limited flavor options.


  1. Are Nickerdoodles suitable for horses with dietary restrictions? Nickerdoodles are made with all-natural ingredients, but we recommend consulting with your veterinarian if your horse has specific dietary restrictions.

  2. Are Nickerdoodles safe for older horses? Yes, Nickerdoodles can be safely consumed by horses of all ages, including older horses.

  3. Can Nickerdoodles be given to ponies? Absolutely! Nickerdoodles can be enjoyed by horses of all sizes, including ponies.

What Customers Say About Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail

“I have been struggling to give my horse his daily medication until I discovered Nickerdoodles. Now, he eagerly gobbles up his pills without any issues. These treats are a game-changer!” – Amanda, Horse Owner

“My picky eater finally found a treat she loves! Nickerdoodles are always a hit and she can’t resist them. It’s such a relief knowing I can reward her with something she enjoys.” – Sarah, Horse Trainer

Overall Value

Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail offers exceptional value for horse owners. Made with love and care by a veteran-owned and family-operated company, these horse treats provide a fresh and delicious option for both everyday rewards and medication administration. With high-quality ingredients and a soft texture that horses adore, Nickerdoodles are a must-have for any horse owner who wants to give their equine friend the very best.

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Store Nickerdoodles in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.
  • Use Nickerdoodles as a training tool to motivate your horse during sessions.
  • Experiment with different methods of pill administration to find what works best for your horse.


In conclusion, Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail is a fantastic product that offers horse owners a fresh and delicious way to reward their equine friends. Whether you need a pill pocket or simply want to show your horse some extra love, Nickerdoodles is the perfect solution. Made with all-natural ingredients and baked daily by horse enthusiasts, these treats are loved by horses from the first bite. Give your horse the taste they deserve with Nickerdoodles 5 Pound Pail, and watch as their enthusiasm and appreciation shine through.