Are you looking to improve the weight and muscle mass of your horses? Well, you’re in luck! This article, titled “Equinety Giveaway: Win a 30-Day Supply for Your Horses!” is exactly what you need. The video discussed in this article provides information on a horse feeding routine that can help your horses gain healthy weight quickly. Along with valuable feeding tips, you’ll also find giveaway rules where you have a chance to win a 30-day supply of Equinety for your beloved equines. Additionally, the video includes playlists, must-have items from Amazon, and recommendations for tack rooms and barns. Not only that, but you’ll also find content related to chicken care and videos about walking and feeding other pets. For any business inquiries, the author provides contact information in the article. Don’t worry about any additional charges, as the video focuses on feeding and maintaining the weight and health of horses. The author shares their experiences with different feeding methods and highly recommends Purina senior feed for your horses’ nutrition. They also recommend using Equinety as a supplement for muscle mass, joint support, and overall horse health. They provide before and after photos of horses that have improved in weight, muscle mass, and coat condition with the use of Equinety. The article emphasizes the importance of providing hay 24/7 in a horse’s diet and recommends using more alfalfa than timothy. Switching to alfalfa as the main feed has helped the author’s horses maintain weight throughout the year. To further support weight gain, the author recommends using good quality hay and the Equinety supplement, which is pure amino acids. The article underscores the significance of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet for horses. Now, with all these valuable insights, you can confidently improve the nutrition and well-being of your horses. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading and put those feeding tips into action to see positive results in no time!

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Understanding Equinety

What is Equinety supplement

Equinety is a supplement that is specifically designed to support the health, weight, and muscle mass of horses. It is made up of pure amino acids that provide essential nutrients for horses. Equinety is not just a filler, but a high-quality supplement that can have a positive impact on a horse’s overall well-being.

The benefits of using Equinety

There are numerous benefits to using Equinety for your horses. The supplement helps to promote muscle development, which is crucial for horses in any discipline. Equinety also supports joint health, which is especially important for older horses or those with arthritis. In addition, Equinety can improve a horse’s coat condition, giving them a healthy and shiny appearance. Overall, Equinety is a valuable tool for maintaining the health and performance of your horses.

The impact of Equinety on horses’ weight and muscle mass

Equinety has a noticeable impact on a horse’s weight and muscle mass. When used in conjunction with a proper feeding routine, Equinety can help horses gain healthy weight quickly. The supplement provides the essential amino acids needed for muscle development, allowing horses to build and maintain strong muscle mass. With the use of Equinety, horses can achieve optimal weight and body condition.

Before and after photos documenting horses’ improvement with Equinety

There is documented evidence of horses’ improvement with the use of Equinety. Before and after photos showcase the positive changes in horses’ weight, muscle mass, and coat condition. These photos serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Equinety in improving the overall health and appearance of horses.

Importance of Proper Horse Nutrition

Necessity of a balanced diet for horses

Proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of horses. A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients for horses to thrive and perform at their best. A balanced diet for horses typically consists of high-quality hay or pasture, supplemented with concentrates such as grains or feeds. It is important to provide horses with the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals to meet their unique dietary needs.

Role of hay in a horse’s diet

Hay plays a crucial role in a horse’s diet. It is a primary source of roughage, providing fiber that aids in proper digestion and prevents digestive issues such as colic. Hay also provides essential nutrients, including energy, protein, and vitamins. It is important to provide horses with access to hay throughout the day, allowing them to graze and fulfill their natural feeding behavior.

Importance of feeding horses alfalfa and timothy

Feeding horses a combination of alfalfa and timothy hay is recommended for maintaining their weight and overall health. Alfalfa is a nutrient-rich forage that provides high levels of protein and calcium. It is particularly beneficial for horses that need to gain or maintain weight. Timothy hay, on the other hand, is lower in protein and calcium but provides a good source of fiber. Combining these two types of hay can provide a well-rounded diet for horses.

Recommendations for maintaining horses’ weight

To maintain a horse’s weight, it is important to ensure they are receiving enough calories from their diet. This can be achieved by providing them with a balanced combination of hay and concentrates. For horses that require additional calories, adding fats, such as vegetable oil, can be beneficial. Regular monitoring of a horse’s body condition score and adjusting their diet accordingly is essential for maintaining their weight in a healthy range.

Recommended Feeding Techniques

Feeding schedule for horses

Establishing a regular feeding schedule is important for maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Horses should be fed at consistent times each day, preferably in at least two or three feedings. This helps to prevent digestive issues and keeps horses on a routine. Providing hay throughout the day, either through continuous access to pasture or frequent hay feedings, is also recommended.

Benefits of feeding alfalfa all day

Feeding alfalfa all day can have several benefits for horses. Alfalfa is a high-calorie forage that provides essential nutrients, making it an excellent choice for horses that need to gain or maintain weight. Allowing horses continuous access to alfalfa helps ensure they have a constant supply of calories and nutrients. This can be particularly beneficial for hard keepers or performance horses with high energy requirements.

Transitioning horses to alfalfa as main feed

Transitioning horses to a diet where alfalfa is the main feed should be done gradually to avoid digestive upset. Start by introducing small amounts of alfalfa alongside their regular hay or feed. Over time, gradually increase the proportion of alfalfa in their diet until it becomes the main feed. Monitoring the horse’s response and adjusting the feeding plan as needed is important during this transition period.

Tips for feeding horses in the stall and in the pasture

When feeding horses in the stall, it is important to provide a clean and safe feeding environment. Using hay nets or feeders can help prevent hay wastage and keep hay off the stall floor. In the pasture, scattering hay in various locations can encourage horses to move and graze naturally. It is important to ensure horses have access to fresh, clean water at all times, both in the stall and in the pasture.

Other Recommended Products

Suggestions for must-have items from Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of products for horse owners that can be useful in maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Some must-have items include grooming tools, such as brushes and hoof picks, as well as horse care products like fly sprays and coat conditioners. It is important to choose products that are of good quality and suited to the specific needs of your horses.

Necessity of good quality hay

Good quality hay is essential for providing horses with the nutrients they need. It is important to source hay from reputable suppliers who ensure it is free from mold, dust, and other contaminants. High-quality hay should be green, leafy, and free from weeds. Providing horses with good quality hay ensures they receive the necessary nutrition for optimal health and performance.

Recommendation of Purina senior feed

Purina senior feed is a highly recommended option for horses, particularly those in their senior years. This feed is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of aging horses, providing them with the essential nutrients they require. Purina senior feed is easily digestible and can help maintain weight, muscle mass, and overall health in senior horses. It is important to follow the recommended feeding guidelines for this feed to ensure proper nutrition.

Experience Documenting Feeding Methods

Author’s experiences with different feeding techniques

The author has personally documented their experiences with various feeding techniques for their horses. They have experimented with different feeds and supplements to find the best options for their horses’ weight and overall health. Through trial and error, they have successfully developed a feeding routine that works for their horses.

Success stories of weight and health improvement

The author’s horses have experienced significant weight and health improvement with the implementation of their feeding methods. Their horses, including easy keepers and hard keepers, have achieved optimal weight, muscle mass, and coat condition. These success stories serve as proof that the author’s feeding techniques are effective and can benefit other horse owners as well.

Lessons learned from experimenting with feeding methods

Through their experiences and experiments, the author has learned valuable lessons about horse nutrition and feeding methods. They have gained insights into the importance of a balanced diet, the role of different types of hay, and the benefits of incorporating supplements like Equinety. Their knowledge and expertise can help guide other horse owners in making informed decisions about their horses’ nutrition.

Equinety Giveaway Details

The chance to win a 30-day supply of Equinety

As part of the article, there is a giveaway opportunity for readers to win a 30-day supply of Equinety. This provides an opportunity for horse owners to try out the supplement and experience its benefits firsthand.

Steps to enter the giveaway

To enter the Equinety giveaway, participants are required to like the most recent post and comment on it. Five winners will be chosen to receive a 30-day supply of Equinety.

Who is eligible to participate

The giveaway is open to all horse owners and enthusiasts who meet the requirements stated in the giveaway details. Participants must follow the instructions provided and meet any additional criteria specified.

Anticipated timeline for the giveaway

The timeline for the Equinety giveaway is not specified in the given context. However, it is customary for giveaways to have a specific duration, which could range from a few days to a few weeks. Participants should refer to the official announcement or contact the organizer for specific details regarding the timeline.

Additional Content Offers

Provided playlists of related video content

In addition to the article, the author has provided playlists of related video content. These playlists can serve as supplementary materials for readers who want to further explore the topics discussed in the article. They offer additional information and insights into horse feeding, care, and training.

Availability of videos about walking and feeding pets

The author’s YouTube channel includes videos about walking and feeding pets. These videos can be a valuable resource for pet owners looking for tips and techniques for walking and feeding their pets. The videos cover a range of pets, offering helpful advice and useful information.

Mentioned items needed for chickens

The article briefly mentions the items needed for chickens. While not the main focus of the article, the author acknowledges the importance of including chickens as part of a comprehensive farm or barn setup. Those interested in raising chickens can refer to the provided video and resources for more information.

Business Inquiries and Contact Information

How to establish contact for business inquiries

For business inquiries, the author provides an email address where they can be reached. This allows individuals or companies interested in collaborating or inquiring about business opportunities to get in touch with the author directly.

Expected response time

The expected response time for business inquiries is not specified in the given context. However, it is customary for businesses to aim to respond to inquiries within a reasonable timeframe. The author may provide an estimated response time in their email correspondence or through other means of communication.

Preferred methods of communication

The preferred methods of communication for business inquiries are not specified in the given context. However, it is common for authors and businesses to communicate via email, phone calls, or virtual meetings. The author may specify their preferred methods of communication in their contact information.

Affiliate Links and Their Impact

Presence of affiliate links in the description

The article mentions the presence of affiliate links in the description. These affiliate links may be included to provide additional information or resources to readers. It is important to note that affiliate links allow the author to earn a small commission if a product or service is purchased through them.

Effect on price for the customer

The presence of affiliate links does not result in any additional charge for the customer. The price of the product or service remains the same, regardless of whether the customer purchases through an affiliate link or directly from the provider.

Potential for earning a small commission

By including affiliate links, the author has the potential to earn a small commission if the reader chooses to purchase a product or service through those links. This commission helps support the author’s work and allows them to continue providing valuable content and resources.


In conclusion, understanding equine nutrition and implementing proper feeding techniques are crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Equinety supplement can be a valuable tool in supporting horses’ weight, muscle mass, and overall health. Alongside a balanced diet and good quality hay, Equinety can help horses achieve optimal weight and performance. The author’s experiences, success stories, and feeding methods serve as a guide for horse owners looking to improve their horses’ well-being. The Equinety giveaway and additional content offers provide further resources for horse owners to continue their learning journey. With the right knowledge and proper feeding, horse owners can ensure their horses thrive and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.