CoastalFarm is hosting a Coastal Nutrition Talk with Nutrena, where they will be discussing feeding performance and working horses. In the video, Jess from CoastalFarm interviews Brian and Ann from Nutrena, who provide valuable information on nutrition for horses. The talk highlights products like SafeChoice Perform, Proforce Fuel, and Proforce Senior, which are controlled starch, high-fat formulas designed for hard-working and hard-keeping horses. Performance horses require extra calories and fat due to their active work and exercise. The feeds are customizable based on the specific needs of the horse and come with a feed guarantee from Cargill/Coastal.

Join Jess from CoastalFarm today as she talks with Brian and Ann from Nutrena about feeding performance and working horses. They discuss the benefits of products like SafeChoice Perform, Proforce Fuel, and Proforce Senior, which are controlled starch, high-fat formulas ideal for hard-working horses. Whether it’s providing an energy boost, aiding in muscle recovery, or supporting fiber digestion, these feeds can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your horse. Tune in to learn more about the importance of nutrition for your performance horses and explore the options available to ensure their well-being.

Coastal Nutrition Talk Overview

The Coastal Nutrition Talk hosted by CoastalFarm and Nutrena is a valuable event focusing on the topic of feeding performance and working horses. The talk aims to provide horse owners and enthusiasts with essential information on nutrition to ensure the optimal health and performance of their horses. By collaborating with Nutrena, CoastalFarm aims to bring the expertise and knowledge of a trusted brand in equine nutrition to its customers.

Purpose of the Talk

The primary purpose of the Coastal Nutrition Talk is to educate horse owners about the importance of proper nutrition for performance and working horses. It aims to highlight the specific needs of these horses and the role of high-quality feed in their overall health, energy, and muscle recovery. The talk provides insights into the unique feeding requirements of active horses and offers practical advice on selecting the right feed to meet their needs.

The Involved Parties: CoastalFarm and Nutrena

CoastalFarm, a leading supplier of agricultural products and services, hosts the Coastal Nutrition Talk in collaboration with Nutrena. Nutrena is a well-known brand specializing in equine nutrition and offers a variety of feeds tailored to meet the specific needs of horses in various stages of life and activity levels. By partnering with Nutrena, CoastalFarm ensures that its customers have access to high-quality feeds and the expertise of a trusted brand in the industry.

The Main Focus of the Conversation: Feeding Performance and Working Horses

The core focus of the Coastal Nutrition Talk is to discuss and educate horse owners about the best practices for feeding performance and working horses. These horses have unique nutritional requirements due to their high levels of activity and exercise. The talk aims to address the challenges faced by horse owners in meeting these requirements and provides insights into how Nutrena’s specialized feeds can help support the performance, energy, and overall health of these horses.

SafeChoice Perform

SafeChoice Perform is a specialized feed designed to meet the nutritional needs of performance horses. It plays a crucial role in supporting the energy requirements of these horses, ensuring they have the stamina and vitality for their demanding work. SafeChoice Perform is available in two forms: textured and pelleted. The textured form contains higher sugar and starch content, providing an additional energy boost for horses that need it. On the other hand, the pelleted form offers a dry pellet without any added coating, making it suitable for horses that may be sensitive to sugars.

The composition of SafeChoice Perform is specifically formulated to provide high fat and controlled starch levels. This blend of nutrients ensures that performance horses receive the additional energy they need without compromising their overall health. The controlled starch helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, promoting a steady release of energy throughout the day. The higher fat content provides a dense calorie source, which is essential for horses engaged in strenuous activities.

The key benefits of SafeChoice Perform include the added energy boost from its higher sugar and starch content, the controlled starch levels that prevent blood sugar spikes, and the high fat content that provides a concentrated source of calories. These benefits work together to support the performance and overall health of working and performance horses.

Proforce Fuel

Proforce Fuel is another exceptional feed option specially designed for performance horses. Its primary objective is to aid in muscle recovery and provide gastric support, addressing specific needs of hard-working horses. The composition of Proforce Fuel is high in fat and protein, which are essential for muscle repair and growth.

Performance horses exert their muscles during intense physical activities, which can lead to muscle fatigue and breakdown. Proforce Fuel’s high fat and protein content help accelerate the recovery process, allowing the muscles to repair and rebuild quickly. The feed’s formulation provides the necessary amino acids and essential nutrients to support the horse’s muscle recovery and overall performance.

Additionally, Proforce Fuel contains gastric support ingredients such as marine source calcite, which helps lower the pH in the horse’s stomach and supports a healthy digestive system. The gastric buffer properties of Proforce Fuel contribute to reducing the risk of gastric ulcers and maintaining optimal gut health in performance horses.

The benefits of Proforce Fuel for performance horses include its role in aiding muscle recovery, providing the necessary nutrients for muscle repair and growth, and the added gastric support for a healthy digestive system. By incorporating Proforce Fuel into the feeding regimen of performance horses, horse owners can help enhance their horse’s overall performance and well-being.

Proforce Senior

Proforce Senior is specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of older performance horses. As horses age, their bodies go through various changes that impact their ability to digest and utilize nutrients effectively. Proforce Senior takes these changes into account, providing a feed formula that caters to the specific needs of older horses.

In addition to meeting the nutritional needs of older horses, Proforce Senior also aids in fiber digestion. Fiber is a crucial component of a horse’s diet, and its proper digestion is essential for maintaining a healthy gut. Proforce Senior helps support fiber digestion, ensuring that older performance horses can effectively extract nutrients from their feed.

Proforce Senior can be fed as a sole ration or paired with hay and pasture, depending on the individual needs of the horse. This versatility allows horse owners to tailor their horse’s diet to meet their specific requirements, whether they need additional calories or have limitations in chewing or digesting forages.

The composition of Proforce Senior includes a controlled starch, high fat formula that aligns with the nutritional needs of older performance horses. The controlled starch helps prevent issues associated with high sugar intake, while the higher fat content provides the necessary calories for maintaining condition and energy levels.

The additional benefits of Proforce Senior, such as aiding in fiber digestion and the feeding options available, make it an ideal choice for older performance horses. By incorporating Proforce Senior into their feeding regimen, horse owners can support the overall health and well-being of their aging horses.

The Role of Extra Calories and Fat in Performance Horses

Performance horses engage in strenuous activities and require additional calories and fat to meet their energy needs. The hard work and exercise these horses undertake result in increased caloric expenditure, which must be replenished adequately to maintain optimal performance and condition.

Horses derive their energy primarily from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. While carbohydrates are a crucial source of energy, performance horses require a higher concentration of calories to meet their demands fully. This is where the addition of fat in their diet becomes vital.

Fat contains more than twice the calories per gram as carbohydrates and proteins. By incorporating fat into the diet of performance horses, horse owners can increase their energy intake without dramatically increasing the volume of feed. This is especially beneficial for horses with small stomach capacities or horses that struggle to consume large quantities of feed.

The inclusion of extra calories and fat in the diet of performance horses helps ensure they have the energy reserves necessary to sustain their activity level. Whether it’s in the form of high-fat feeds like SafeChoice Perform and Proforce Fuel or through additional dietary supplements, providing the extra calories and fat needed by these horses is essential for maintaining their peak performance.

To meet the increased caloric and fat needs of performance horses, Nutrena has formulated feeds like SafeChoice Perform, Proforce Fuel, and Proforce Senior. These feeds contain the necessary nutrients to support the energy requirements of hard-working horses while maintaining a balanced diet.

Customizable Feeds

Nutrena offers customizable feeds that allow horse owners to tailor their horse’s diet to meet their specific needs. Every horse is unique, with different activity levels, health conditions, and nutritional requirements. Customizable feeds provide a flexible and personalized approach to feeding horses, ensuring that they receive the necessary nutrients for optimal health and performance.

One of the special features of Nutrena’s customizable feeds is the ability to select and combine different feed options based on the horse’s specific needs. Whether the horse requires higher fat content, additional muscle support, or increased fiber digestion, Nutrena offers a range of feeds that can be mixed and matched to create an ideal feeding regimen.

The customization of feeds has a significant impact on the horse’s performance and health. By tailoring the diet to suit their individual needs, horse owners can ensure that their horses receive the right balance of nutrients and energy. This customization also allows for adjustments to be made as the horse’s requirements change over time, taking into account factors such as age, activity level, and overall health.

The ability to customize feeds gives horse owners greater control over their horse’s nutrition, offering peace of mind that their horse’s unique needs are being met. Nutrena’s commitment to customizable feeds demonstrates their dedication to providing horse owners with the tools and resources necessary to support the health and performance of their animals.

Interview Highlights

During the Coastal Nutrition Talk, Jess from CoastalFarm conducts an insightful interview with Brian and Ann from Nutrena. The interview covers a range of key points related to Horse Nutrition, providing practical information and expert insights.

Some of the highlights from the interview include discussions on the various Nutrena feeds, their composition, and their specific benefits for performance horses. Brian and Ann share their expertise on topics such as the importance of fat and calorie intake, the role of amino acids in muscle recovery, and the impact of feed customization on horse health and performance.

The interview provides essential information for horse owners, offering valuable insights into the feeding practices that can enhance the well-being and performance of their horses. Jess, Brian, and Ann deliver the information in an engaging and friendly manner, making the interview an enjoyable and educational experience for viewers.

Feed Guarantee from Cargill/Coastal

One of the noteworthy aspects of Nutrena feeds is the feed guarantee provided by Cargill/Coastal. This guarantee offers horse owners peace of mind, knowing that they can trust the quality and efficacy of the feeds they purchase.

The feed guarantee ensures that the products meet the highest standards of quality and are backed by rigorous testing and quality control processes. In the unlikely event that a customer encounters any issues with the feed, the feed guarantee provides a reliable safeguard. Cargill and CoastalFarm are committed to customer satisfaction and will work with horse owners to resolve any concerns or issues related to the feeds.

The feed guarantee benefits horse owners by providing reassurance that they are making a sound investment in their horse’s nutrition. It demonstrates Cargill and CoastalFarm’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and supporting their customers’ needs.

Nutrition for Horses: Best Practices

During the Coastal Nutrition Talk, Nutrena experts share valuable advice on feeding horses, offering practical tips and best practices. The experts emphasize the importance of understanding the nutritional needs of horses based on factors such as age, activity level, and overall health.

Some of the advice provided includes recommendations on selecting and combining feeds for optimal results. Nutrena experts highlight the significance of considering factors such as energy requirements, muscle recovery support, and digestive health when formulating a feeding regimen.

Moreover, understanding the specific nutritional requirements of different horses is crucial to ensure their overall health and performance. Nutrena experts encourage horse owners to consult with equine nutritionists or veterinarians to tailor the diet to the horse’s individual needs. This personalized approach to nutrition helps optimize the horse’s overall well-being, supporting their growth, energy, and muscle recovery.

By following Nutrena’s best practices for horse nutrition, horse owners can make informed decisions about the feeds and supplements they choose for their horses. This invaluable advice contributes to the overall success and performance of the horses, ensuring they receive the nutrients necessary for their specific needs.


In conclusion, the Coastal Nutrition Talk hosted by CoastalFarm and Nutrena provides horse owners with comprehensive insights into the nutrition required for performance and working horses. The talk covers a range of essential topics, including the role of specialized feeds like SafeChoice Perform, Proforce Fuel, and Proforce Senior in meeting the unique needs of these horses.

The event also includes an informative interview with Brian and Ann from Nutrena, who share their expertise in horse nutrition and provide practical advice for horse owners. The talk highlights the significance of understanding the nutritional needs of horses and offers valuable tips on feeding practices and customization options.

The feed guarantee from Cargill/Coastal further assures horse owners of the quality and reliability of Nutrena feeds, allowing them to have complete confidence in their purchase.

Overall, the Coastal Nutrition Talk serves as a valuable resource for horse owners, delivering comprehensive information and expert insights to support the health, performance, and overall well-being of their horses. By implementing the knowledge gained from the talk, horse owners can make informed decisions about their horse’s nutrition, ensuring they receive the best possible care.