Hey guys, it’s Meg with Coastal and I want to introduce you to our friend Brian from Neutrina. In this week’s nutrition chat, we’ll be discussing the relaunch of a product you guys already know and love from our Coastal stores, the Nutrena ProForce. Brian, who covers Western Washington, Western Oregon, and Northern California, will take you through the exciting changes in the bag. The ProForce product line, including Pro 4 Senior and Fuel, has been popular for years as a high-calorie performance feed. But we discovered that performance isn’t just about burning calories; it’s also about quick recovery. So, we’ve made some additions to the bag, including three additional branched chain amino acids, to help your horse recover faster. We’ve also incorporated rebound technology with chromium supplements to aid in recovery from strenuous activity. The fresh new look of the bag, featuring a catchy black plaid design, makes it easily recognizable. In addition, we’ll be introducing a new product called Fuel XF, which contains extra fiber for horses in need of additional digestive support. These new and improved products, along with the expanded line, will be available in Coastal stores soon. So if you have any questions or need advice on transitioning your horse to the new bag, drop your questions in the comments. We’re excited to get this product out to our customers and see the difference it will make in their horses’ performance. Thank you for joining us!

Introduction to the speakers

Meg from Coastal

Hi there! I’m Meg from Coastal, and I want to thank you for joining us for another one of our weekly nutrition chats. We’re here in the barn today, and I’m excited to introduce you to our friend Brian from Nutrena. He’s our Nutrena sales rep, covering Western Washington, Western Oregon, and Northern California. We always have a great time with Brian and the rest of the Coastal crew!

Brian from Nutrena

Hey, everyone! I’m Brian, your Nutrena sales rep. I cover all the Coastal stores, except for Yakima and Wenatchee. I love visiting all of your stores regularly and having a blast with the amazing Coastal crew. And right here with me is my equine buddy, Cole. He may head back to his stall soon, but we’re thrilled to have him with us for now.

Discussion on the Pro Force field

Current Status of Pro Force product

Now let’s dive into the exciting topic of the Pro Force relaunch. Many of you might already be familiar with the Nutrena Pro Force product. It has been a favorite among our customers, and you’ve probably seen this bag around our Coastal stores. It’s known for its quality and effectiveness.

Introduction to the relaunch

But here’s the exciting news – we’re relaunching the Pro Force product with some fantastic new features and improvements. We’ve taken this opportunity to make the product even better and give you and your horses the best possible experience.

Transition from old bag to new bag

Before we get into the details of the relaunch, let’s talk about the transition process. You might be wondering how to switch from the old bag to the new one. Well, we have good news for you! There’s no need to stress or worry about a lengthy transition period. You can simply switch straight from the old feed to the new feed without any issues. We’ve made sure that the changes are minimal and won’t affect your horse’s digestion or well-being.

Unpacking the Pro Force product

Historical background of Pro Force

First, let’s take a quick look back at the Pro Force product. It’s been a staple in the equine community for quite some time, especially for performance horses. It has built a strong following due to its high-calorie and high-fat content, which is essential for horses with higher energy requirements.

Performance features of the product

Pro Force has always been known for its excellent performance features. It helps horses maintain a healthy weight and condition, supporting their optimal performance. But we wanted to take it a step further and enhance the product’s benefits.

The significance of high-fat content

One of the essential aspects we focused on during the relaunch is the high-fat content in the Pro Force feed. We all know that fat is a concentrated source of energy, and for performance horses, energy is key. The increased fat content in the new Pro Force formulation serves to provide horses with an additional source of calories, helping them meet their energy requirements and perform at their best.

Detailed insights on the Pro Force relaunch

New design elements in the product packaging

Now, let’s talk about the exciting changes in the Pro Force packaging. We’ve given it a fresh and modern look that we’re really proud of. At the top, you’ll notice a stylish black plaid design called “ghost plaid.” It adds a touch of sophistication to the packaging and catches the eye.

Explanation about the visible labels

To make it even easier for you to identify the Pro Force product, we’ve made the labels more prominent. The senior formula will clearly say “Senior” along the side, and the fuel formula will indicate “Fuel.” These visible labels ensure that you can quickly recognize and pick the right feed for your horse.

Exploration of new additions to the Pro Force product

Inclusion of three more amino acids

We didn’t stop at the packaging and appearance; we also made enhancements to the Pro Force formulation. In addition to the three beneficial amino acids that were already present in the previous version, we’ve now added three more. The new Pro Force feed contains lysine, methionine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These branched-chain amino acids are widely recognized for their role in promoting muscle recovery and faster overall recovery in both horses and humans.

Introduction of Rebound technology

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a new technology called Rebound. Rebound technology includes the addition of chromium to the Pro Force feeds. Chromium is a mineral that’s widely used in the human world for enhanced recovery from strenuous activities. We’ve incorporated Rebound technology into our feeds to help your horses recover faster and perform at their best.

Addition of specific amino acids for faster recovery

As we mentioned earlier, the new Pro Force feed now includes three additional amino acids. Lysine, methionine, and threonine play a crucial role in protein synthesis and muscle recovery. By providing these important amino acids, we’re ensuring that your horses have the necessary building blocks for faster recovery and improved performance.

Introducing Pro Force Fuel XF

When to expect the product in stores

Now, let’s talk about an exciting addition to the Pro Force line – Pro Force Fuel XF. We know you’ve been eagerly waiting for it. The good news is that the Fuel XF will be available in stores very soon. If you’re watching this before the first week of November, you can expect to see it on the shelves by then.

Differentiating features of Fuel XF

So, what sets Fuel XF apart from the regular Pro Force feed? Well, it’s all about the fiber. Fuel XF is specifically formulated to provide an extra fiber boost to your horse’s diet. This additional fiber content comes from ingredients like barley, beet pulp, and other grains. The high fiber content in Fuel XF ensures a well-balanced diet for your horse.

Role of fiber in Fuel XF

Fiber is a vital component of a horse’s diet, as it aids in proper digestion and helps maintain a healthy gut. With Fuel XF, we’re addressing the need for extra fiber in certain horses’ diets. Whether your horse requires more dietary fiber due to their energy requirements or specific health conditions, Fuel XF is here to provide the fiber boost they need.

In-depth view of Nutrabloom Advantage

The issue of fiber digestion in senior horses

As horses age, their ability to digest fiber can diminish. This issue becomes especially prominent in Senior horses when they reach around 15 years of age. At this point, they may struggle to digest about 15% of dietary fiber, leading to potential nutrient deficiencies and digestive discomfort.

Introduction to Nutrabloom Advantage

To combat this issue, we’ve incorporated Nutrabloom Advantage into the Pro Force Senior feed. Nutrabloom Advantage is a fiber additive designed to help senior horses digest fiber more effectively. By including Nutrabloom Advantage in the Pro Force Senior formula, we’re ensuring that your older companions receive the necessary fiber they need for healthy digestion.

Inclusion of Nutrabloom Advantage in Pro Force products

But we didn’t stop at Pro Force Senior. We also included Nutrabloom Advantage in both the Fuel and Fuel XF formulas. This means that horses of all ages who consume any of the Pro Force feeds will benefit from better fiber digestion and overall gastrointestinal health.

Transitioning to the new product

Preparation for the transition

Now that we’ve covered the exciting Improvements and additions to the Pro Force line, you might be wondering how to transition your horse from the old bag to the new one. Well, we have great news for you – the transition process is simple and stress-free!

Addressing concerns about transitioning

You may have heard recommendations about gradually mixing feeds when transitioning, but with the new Pro Force feed, there’s no need for a lengthy transition period. You can switch straight from the old feed to the new feed without any hassle. We’ve ensured that the changes are minimal, making the transition smooth for your horse.

Direct transitioning without mixing with previous feed

Feel free to start feeding the new Pro Force product right away without worrying about any negative effects on your horse’s digestion or performance. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you and your horse, and the direct transition allows for a seamless switch between feeds.

Conclusion and Q&A

Emphasis on the enhanced product quality

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the relaunch of the Pro Force line. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into improving the product quality and adding beneficial features. The Pro Force feeds now deliver even better results and help your horses reach their full potential.

Invitation for queries from the community

If you have any questions about the Pro Force feeds or the transitioning process, we’re here to help! We value your feedback and want to ensure that all your concerns are addressed. So please feel free to drop any questions or comments in the comments section, and we’ll respond to them promptly.

Continued engagement with the audience after live discussion

Even if you’re watching this after the live discussion, don’t worry. We’ll still be monitoring the comments and answering your questions. Our commitment to providing you and your horses with the best possible nutrition and support doesn’t end with this discussion. We’re here for you anytime you need assistance or want to know more.

Closing remarks

Acknowledgement of the live audience

Before we wrap up, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined us for this live discussion. Your presence and participation make these chats even more enjoyable, and we appreciate your support.

Direction for posting queries

If you have any additional questions or concerns that arise after the discussion, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. We’ll make sure to respond to each query and provide the best information and guidance.

Announcement of next discussion

Keep an eye out for our next nutrition chat, where we’ll delve into another exciting topic related to equine nutrition. We’ll announce the date and time soon, so stay tuned and get ready to join us for more enriching conversations.

Thank you once again for being a part of this live discussion. We’re grateful for your enthusiasm and look forward to continuing our journey of delivering the best nutrition for your horses.