At Boucher Farm, we have recently made a decision that has had a tremendous impact on our barrel horses. We have chosen Tribute Equine Nutrition to provide feed for our stallion, Willie B firewater, and the results have been consistent and impressive. What sets Tribute apart is its ability to provide energy and stamina without making our horses hyperactive. It helps them stay competitive and focused throughout the weekend, giving us the edge we need to win in events such as MBH, AQHA, Ibra, and VFX. Not only has Tribute benefited our program in terms of performance, but it has also played a significant role in our breeding program. The consistent feeding program has helped our older mares, who were previously competition horses, maintain their health and focus when producing eggs for embryo flushing and transfer to recipient mares. The success of our foals has been evident as they have become high sellers in various sales across the country, receiving compliments for their fantastic appearance. Lastly, Tribute’s products have also made a difference in the health of our older horse, Bucks happy-go-lucky, who was experiencing health issues. By switching him to Tribute’s calm and easy feed, he has made a remarkable improvement and even placed in the 2d out of 340 horses with a nine-year-old rider. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have seen with Tribute Equine Nutrition.

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Boucher Farm’s History and Background

About Boucher Farms

Boucher Farms, founded in 2007 and located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, is a renowned breeding and competing facility for Quarter Horses in the sport of barrel racing. Owned by Keith and Erica Boucher, the farm has gained a reputation for raising exceptional horses and achieving great success in various competitions. Boucher Farms takes pride in its commitment to providing high-quality care and nutrition to its horses, ensuring their well-being and optimum performance.

Founding of Boucher Farms

Keith and Erica Boucher established Boucher Farms with a vision to breed and train exceptional barrel racing horses. With their passion for the sport and expertise in horse care, they set out to create a facility that would produce top-performing horses. Through meticulous breeding programs and dedicated training, Boucher Farms has built a remarkable reputation in the barrel racing community.

Types of Horses Raised on Boucher Farms

Boucher Farms specializes in breeding and raising Quarter Horses specifically for barrel racing events. The farm breeds a variety of horses with different bloodlines, including prominent sire lines such as SX Frenchman’s Peach and Streak of Fame. These bloodlines ensure the offspring’s genetic potential for speed, agility, and overall performance in barrel racing events.

Competitions that Boucher Farms Participates In

Boucher Farms actively participates in various barrel racing competitions, including the MBH, AQHA, IBRA, and VFX events. The farm’s dedication to producing high-quality horses and their rigorous training programs have allowed them to consistently perform well in these competitive arenas. Boucher Farms’ horses are known for their exceptional speed, agility, and impeccable performance, making them strong contenders in the barrel racing community.

Understanding Barrel Racing

Explanation of Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is a competitive equestrian event that requires precision, speed, and agility from both the horse and rider. The objective is to complete a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels in the fastest time possible. The rider navigates the horse in a tight and efficient manner, making sharp turns while maintaining control and speed. Barrel racing demands a strong partnership between the horse and rider, as split-second decisions and precise movements are necessary to achieve optimal performance.

The Role of Horses in Barrel Racing

Horses play a crucial role in barrel racing as they are the athletes that perform the intricate maneuvers required to complete the event successfully. They must possess a combination of speed, agility, and athleticism to navigate the barrels with precision. The horse’s ability to accelerate quickly, change direction rapidly, and maintain balance while making tight turns significantly impacts the overall performance in barrel racing.

Skillset Required for Barrel Racing

Barrel racing requires both the horse and rider to possess specific skill sets. The rider must have excellent horsemanship skills, including balance, coordination, and the ability to communicate effectively with the horse. Equally important is the horse’s skill set, which includes speed, agility, responsiveness to cues, and the ability to maintain focus and composure in a competitive environment. The harmony between the horse and rider is vital for executing the maneuvers and achieving optimal performance.

Popularity and Recognition of Barrel Racing in the U.S

Barrel racing has gained immense popularity in the United States, particularly in the rodeo circuit. The sport boasts a large and dedicated fan base, attracting participants and spectators from all over the country. Additionally, barrel racing has gained recognition as a professional sport, with various associations organizing events and competitions at both regional and national levels. The skill, athleticism, and excitement showcased by barrel racing have propelled it to become one of the most thrilling equestrian disciplines in the U.S.

Boucher Farm’s Horse Feeding Practices

Horse Nutrition at Boucher Farms

At Boucher Farms, horse nutrition is a top priority. The farm recognizes the importance of providing a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to ensure the overall health, well-being, and optimal performance of their horses. They meticulously plan and implement feeding programs that cater to the specific nutritional needs of each horse, taking into account factors such as age, workload, and individual requirements.

The Effect of Nutrition on Competition Performance

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in the performance of competition horses. Well-nourished horses have the energy, stamina, and endurance necessary to perform at their best during training sessions and competitions. A balanced diet, rich in essential nutrients, supports muscle development, promotes healthy digestion, boosts the immune system, and aids in overall recovery and maintenance of the horse’s well-being.

Nutrition for Older, Competition Horses

Older competition horses, such as those in Boucher Farms’ breeding program, require specific nutritional considerations. These mares, once successful competition horses themselves, need a feeding program that supports their aging bodies and sustains their reproductive capabilities. Boucher Farms focuses on providing high-quality nutrition to their older mares, ensuring they remain healthy, relaxed, and focused during the breeding process.

Boucher Farm’s Results with their Previous Feeding Practices

Boucher Farms has achieved remarkable results with their previous feeding practices. The farm’s dedication to providing a well-balanced diet to their horses has resulted in consistently healthy and high-performing animals. The horses have shown resilience, excellent condition, and exceptional performance, establishing Boucher Farms as a trusted name in the barrel racing community.

Introduction to Tribute Equine Nutrition

About Tribute Equine Nutrition

Tribute Equine Nutrition is a reputable brand specializing in formulating and producing high-quality horse feeds. Known for their commitment to excellence, Tribute Equine Nutrition creates feeds using cutting-edge research, innovative formulations, and premium-quality ingredients. The brand focuses on providing tailored nutrition solutions to meet the unique requirements of horses in different disciplines and stages of life.

Advantages of Tribute Equine Nutrition

Tribute Equine Nutrition offers several advantages that distinguish it from other feed brands. One of its key strengths lies in the extensive research and expertise behind their formulations. The brand takes great care in ensuring that their feeds provide the ideal balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required for optimal equine health and performance. Tribute Equine Nutrition also maintains strict quality control measures to guarantee the highest quality standards in their products.

Effectiveness of Tribute Feed for Competition Horses

Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds have proven to be highly effective for competition horses, including those at Boucher Farms. The carefully crafted formulations supply the horses with the necessary energy, protein, and micronutrients to support their rigorous training and competition schedules. Tribute feed’s ability to provide sustained energy levels, promote muscle development, and support overall health contributes to the enhanced performance and success seen in competition horses.

Notable Aspects of Tribute Equine Feed

Tribute Equine Nutrition takes pride in several notable aspects of their feed formulations. Their feeds are designed to mimic a horse’s natural diet as closely as possible, ensuring that the horses receive the nutrients they need in a highly digestible form. Additionally, Tribute Equine Nutrition considers the specific demands of different disciplines, including barrel racing, when formulating their feeds, resulting in optimum nutrition and performance for competition horses.

Reasons for Choosing Tribute Equine Nutrition

Why Boucher Farms Decided to Change Feeds

Boucher Farms made the decision to switch to Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds after careful consideration and research. The farm recognized the need for a feed that could provide superior nutrition, promote optimal performance, and cater specifically to the demands of their barrel racing horses. After evaluating various options in the market, Boucher Farms chose Tribute Equine Nutrition due to its reputation for excellence and its alignment with their values and goals.

Benefits of Tribute Equine Nutrition Noticed by Boucher Farms

Since making the switch to Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds, Boucher Farms has experienced numerous benefits. The horses have shown improved stamina, endurance, and focus during training sessions and competitions. The overall health and condition of the horses has noticeably improved, with vibrant coats, strong hooves, and increased muscle development. Boucher Farms has also observed enhanced digestibility and nutrient absorption, resulting in improved overall well-being and performance.

Specific Reasons for choosing Tribute Equine Nutrition

Boucher Farms selected Tribute Equine Nutrition for several reasons. Firstly, the brand’s commitment to producing feeds backed by scientific research and formulated to meet the unique needs of performance horses aligns with Boucher Farms’ high standards. Additionally, the ability of Tribute feeds to provide sustained energy without causing hyperactivity is crucial in barrel racing. The farm also values the brand’s dedication to quality control and their use of premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Testimonial by Boucher Farms on Tribute Equine Nutrition

“Boucher Farms has had an outstanding experience with Tribute Equine Nutrition. The quality and effectiveness of their feeds have exceeded our expectations. Our horses have shown incredible improvements in their performance, health, and overall well-being since being switched to Tribute feed. We highly recommend Tribute Equine Nutrition to fellow horse owners and competitors who are looking for a feed that delivers exceptional results.” – Keith and Erica Boucher, Owners of Boucher Farms.

Results seen with Tribute Equine Nutrition

Positive Changes Noticed in Horses after Feeding Tribute

Since incorporating Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds into their feeding program, Boucher Farms has witnessed numerous positive changes in their horses. The horses have consistently displayed higher energy levels, improved stamina, and increased focus during training sessions and competitions. There has been a noticeable enhancement in muscle tone, overall athleticism, and coat condition, reflecting the horses’ improved health and well-being.

Test Results seen by Boucher Farms

Boucher Farms has conducted various tests to evaluate the effectiveness of Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds. These tests have included measuring the horses’ energy levels, stamina, and overall performance before and after the switch to Tribute feed. The results consistently indicate significant improvements with Tribute feed, solidifying the farm’s confidence in its decision to choose this brand.

Changes in Performance of Horses

Switching to Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds has had a profound impact on the performance of Boucher Farms’ horses. The horses have become more responsive, agile, and consistent in their movements, resulting in faster times during barrel racing events. The enhanced nutrition provided by Tribute feed has allowed the horses to perform at their peak, enabling them to compete and excel in high-level competitions.

Health Benefits Noticed in Horses’ Consumption of Tribute

Boucher Farms has observed several health benefits in their horses since transitioning to Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds. The horses have experienced improved digestive health, with a decrease in digestive issues such as colic or gastrointestinal discomfort. Additionally, the horses have developed stronger immune systems, making them more resilient to common illnesses and pathogens. The overall health and well-being of the horses have greatly improved, ensuring their longevity and continued success.

Tribute Equine Nutrition’s Effect on Boucher Farm’s Breeding program

Importance of feeding program for breeding mares

A well-planned and nutritionally sound feeding program is crucial for breeding mares, as it directly impacts their overall health, reproductive capabilities, and the well-being of the resulting foals. Proper nutrition not only supports the mares’ physical health but also plays a role in their reproductive cycles, hormone regulation, and egg quality. Ensuring the mares receive optimal nutrition is vital for successful breeding and the production of healthy offspring.

Role of Tribute in the Breeding Program

Tribute Equine Nutrition plays a significant role in Boucher Farms’ breeding program as it provides the necessary nutrition to support the mares’ reproductive processes. The carefully formulated Tribute feeds deliver the appropriate balance of nutrients required for optimal fertility and healthy conception. The farm relies on Tribute to provide the mares with the essential building blocks needed to produce healthy eggs and support successful pregnancies.

Quality of foals produced

The quality of foals produced by Boucher Farms’ breeding program has significantly improved since incorporating Tribute Equine Nutrition into their feeding program. The mares, fed with Tribute, have produced strong, robust, and healthy foals with excellent conformation and exceptional athletic potential. The superior nutrition received through Tribute feeds has contributed to the overall growth and development of the foals, setting them up for success in various disciplines.

Achievements of offspring raised on Tribute Feed

Many of the offspring raised on Tribute feed at Boucher Farms have achieved remarkable success in the barrel racing community. These horses have demonstrated exceptional speed, agility, and a natural inclination for barrel racing. Their achievements include top placements in competitions, high-selling prices in sales, and earning acclaim for their outstanding conformation and performance. The success of these offspring further reinforces the positive impact of Tribute Equine Nutrition on Boucher Farms’ breeding program.

Case Study: Tribute Equine Nutrition’s Impact on Bucks Happy-go-lucky

Background and History of Bucks Happy-go-lucky

Bucks Happy-go-lucky, a 23-year-old gelding, holds a special place in Boucher Farms’ history. He was Erica Boucher’s first barrel horse after she graduated from college, and she has owned him ever since. Over the years, Bucks Happy-go-lucky has been a reliable companion and a successful competitor, showcasing his talent and dedication in barrel racing events.

Health Issues Encountered

As Bucks Happy-go-lucky aged, he encountered some health issues, including a borderline Cushing’s situation. This posed a significant challenge for Erica as she wanted to ensure Bucks Happy-go-lucky’s continued well-being and ability to compete at his best. It became evident that a change in his feeding program was needed to address these health concerns and support his overall performance.

Switch to Calm and Easy by Tribute Equine Nutrition

To address the health issues faced by Bucks Happy-go-lucky, Boucher Farms made the decision to switch his feed to Calm and Easy, a specific formulation by Tribute Equine Nutrition. This feed is designed to support horses with metabolic challenges, providing a controlled and balanced nutrient profile. The primary objective was to ensure Bucks Happy-go-lucky’s comfort, health, and long-term success as a competitive barrel racing horse.

Performance of Bucks Happy-go-lucky after Switching to Tribute Feed

After the switch to Calm and Easy by Tribute Equine Nutrition, Bucks Happy-go-lucky has experienced a remarkable improvement in his overall well-being and performance. The feed’s tailored formulation has effectively managed his metabolic challenges, allowing him to remain comfortable and pain-free. Bucks Happy-go-lucky has continued to compete with dedication and success, recently placing in the top 2 out of 340 horses in a competition, even at the age of 23. This remarkable performance serves as a testament to the positive impact of Tribute Equine Nutrition on Boucher Farms’ horses.

Boucher Farm’s Future Prospects with Tribute Equine Nutrition

Plans of Continuing with Tribute Nutrition

Boucher Farms has firm plans to continue their partnership with Tribute Equine Nutrition in the future. The success they have witnessed with Tribute feeds and the positive impact on their horses’ well-being and performance affirm their commitment to this brand. Boucher Farms recognizes the value of Tribute Equine Nutrition in consistently delivering exceptional results and will continue to prioritize the health and nutrition of their horses through their feeds.

Predicted Future Improvements due to Tribute Nutrition

With the continued use of Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds, Boucher Farms anticipates further improvements in their horses’ performance, health, and overall success. The farm expects to see increased stamina, agility, and focus in their barrel racing horses, leading to faster times and improved competitiveness in future events. Boucher Farms also believes that the sustained nutrition and enhanced digestibility provided by Tribute feeds will contribute to the long-term health and longevity of their horses.

Boucher Farm’s Recommendation of Tribute Nutrition

Based on their firsthand experience and the significant positive changes witnessed in their horses, Boucher Farms wholeheartedly recommends Tribute Equine Nutrition to fellow horse owners and competitors. The farm acknowledges the brand’s commitment to excellence, quality, and science-backed formulations. Boucher Farms firmly believes that Tribute Equine Nutrition can elevate the performance and well-being of any horse, especially those involved in high-performance disciplines like barrel racing.

Potential Advancements in competition performance with prolonged use of Tribute

Boucher Farms recognizes the potential for further advancements in competition performance with the prolonged use of Tribute Equine Nutrition. As the farm continues to incorporate Tribute feeds into their feeding program, they anticipate a cumulative impact on the horses’ overall development, specifically in terms of strength, agility, endurance, and mental focus. Boucher Farms believes that Tribute Equine Nutrition has the potential to optimize the genetic potential of their horses and unlock their full athletic capabilities, ensuring even greater success in barrel racing events.


In conclusion, Boucher Farms’ partnership with Tribute Equine Nutrition has proven to be a game-changer for their barrel racing horses. The farm’s commitment to providing exceptional care and nutrition to their horses, combined with Tribute Equine Nutrition’s dedication to formulating superior feeds, has yielded remarkable results. The horses have showcased enhanced performance, improved health, and increased success in various competitions. Boucher Farms stands as a testament to the transformative power of proper nutrition, with Tribute Equine Nutrition serving as the catalyst for their accomplishments in barrel racing. As they continue their journey with Tribute feeds, Boucher Farms eagerly anticipates a future filled with continued success, improved performance, and healthy, thriving horses.